Monday, February 28, 2011

Goals : March 2011

My good friend, Clare started listing monthly goals quite some time ago.  Several of the other bloggers (and also friends) that I read with a great deal of regularity also have started doing this.  I think it's a lovely idea, and in a time when I need strict goals and lists just to get me through the days, I thought that doing it here would hold me more accountable.  If not, then just prove to the world what a lazy ass I actually am!

March 2011

- start and finish two books.  (I am about half way through Eat, Pray, Love right now, so this will add up to about two and a half books for the month.)  I miss reading.  My vocabulary has shrunk and I've started using words like "dude" and "awesome" way too frequently.

- lose five pounds.  I've done really well with the weight loss so far this year, but it never hurts to set and achieve those small goals as well as the large ones.

- devote one night a week to being T.V free.  I am terrible about turning the television on and not even watching it.  This will probably be Tuesday nights since there's nothing good on television anyway.  The only exception to this will be when I go to bed.  Radio around here sucks and I need the noise to fall asleep.  This will also help with the reading goal.

- go with Aiden to pick out and buy cute baskets that will fit nicely either in the kitchen or laundry room in order to start recycling.  I've wanted to do this for a long time, and we really need to reduce our trash.

- clean and organize my closet.  Half of those clothes either don't fit or I never wear them.  A sock pile in the couch in the living room is NOT acceptable.  Especially when you cover it with pillows when there is company.

- take myself on a date to a movie.  Eat a huge bowl of popcorn, with ranch seasoning. 

- do the 30 day shred three times a week.  I have been really good at averaging about once or twice a week.  Kicking it up a day will only boost my energy and weight loss.  The sound of Jillian's voice may kill some brain cells, and I'm sure that when it hurts when I sit down to pee might change my mind.

- go to the gym at least 15 days.  I usually average around 12 days a month.  Once again, this is attainable, especially if I start going on weekends again, which I haven't done since Christmas.

- buy ONE (and I mean one, not five) really awesome (read: amazing, astonishing, striking, stunning, wondrous) pair of heels to wear in Las Vegas in April.


  1. make them short heels!! vegas is a lot of walking, and the last thing you want it sore feet when your are strut'n your stuff :-)

  2. I did terribly with my February goals - I'm embarrassed. It's lit a fire under me to do better in March though! I can't bring myself to even -want- to do the 30 day shred. :(