Saturday, February 19, 2011

I suddenly remember why I don't drink often : Day Fourteen

I went out with a bunch of friends last night. I drank way too much, got extremely sloppy, and I'm paying for it this morning. It didn't help that I also stayed up after getting home to play Super Mario Bros on the Wii.

Day 14 – What you wore today

This is a repeat of day ten, though I'm not really sure why, I'll go with it.

Yesterday, I wore my grey workout pants with my red "NCBVI" (Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired) t-shirt with my Nike shoes to work. After work I walked around in a towel for a while, and then for going out, I put on my one pair of jeans that still fit, my belt, a black tank-top and a brown zip up hoodie sweater. I wore my flat slip on tennis shoes, and straightened my hair. I also put on makeup for the first time in three weeks.

Of course upon waking this morning, I realize that i still have some of the makeup on my face, but most of it is on the pillow I slept on.

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