Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where were you, when everything was falling apart? : Day Nine

Day 09 – Your beliefs

I believe that M&Ms are an adequate breakfast food on Saturday mornings. I believe that a hot bath and a good book can cure nearly any physical ailment. I believe that beer, if used correctly, can help in the healing of your heart. I believe that music can speak more powerfully to us than anything else, because often times, it says exactly what we are feeling, but are incapable of expressing ourselves.

I believe that women own the rights to their own bodies. If a woman gets pregnant, regardless of the circumstances, I believe that she has a right to terminate that pregnancy if she so chooses, regardless of her reasons. Do I think abortion should be used as birth control? No. But I do think that people make bad choices and bad decisions. They also take every precaution and accidents happen. I believe I'm allowed this opinion, because I once had to make that choice. I chose to keep my child, and it was one of the hardest and more heart wrenching decisions I have ever had to make. But it was mine to make, no one else's.

I believe that breast is best. I know there are certain situations and medical conditions where it is not advised to breast feed a child, and in those instances, I understand. What i do not understand is the women with no desire to even try. I applaud the women who at least try, find out it isn't for them, and move on. What I do not understand, is the lack of any attempt at all. Breast fed baby's skin is so much softer. Not to mention the HUGE perk of not having to pay all that money for pricey formula that basically makes your child's diaper a toxic waste dump. The first time i changed a child's diaper that was formula fed, I ran to the bathroom to vomit. It was disgusting.

I believe that two men, or two women, should be able to marry each other if they so choose. I don't care who you go to bed with. I don't care who you kiss goodbye in the morning when you leave for work. If you are loved, and in love, you should have that right. If Britney Spears is allowed to get married, EVERYONE should be allowed to get married.

I believe that the color of your hair, eyes, or skin, does not determine your worth as a person. Neither does having a penis. I have never had a penis and I function just fine without it. Neither does your weight.

I believe that Scientology is the biggest crock of poo that I've ever heard of, but I do believe that people have the right to believe in it.

I believe that speech is free, but does carry with it responsibility. Much like super powers, if you're going to say something, you better be able to carry any repercussions with you for the rest of your life.

I believe that love is infinite. I believe you can love different people in a million different ways. I believe in love outside of family, or sexual relationships. I believe that sometimes family are the ones you choose.

Now, onto the topic of religion. I'm not going to say that I do, or do not believe in God. I do not, however, believe that any of the world's religions have gotten it right. I do not believe that Jesus is the one and only way into heaven. I believe in the Golden Rule, and being a naturally good person. I think there is something more than us, whether that is God, or just a form of space type mice, I'm not sure. I think human beings need that concept of God in order to explain their own miserable lives. I think people cling to it, for hope in an otherwise dim world. I'm also extremely well read when it comes to the Christian bible, and it does contradict itself. I do believe that people have the right to believe in it, even if I do not.

I never found solace in religion. It never seemed like a safe place for me. Too many of my views seemed to contradict a lot of what was being taught. Friends and I would argue the points, with neither of us really being able to offer anything to the other , other than our own deeply seeded opinions. Church was always so BORING to me. The services that added bands, and chanting, and speaking in tongues just freaked me out. Nothing ever said in a church ever REALLY stuck with me after walking out.

And finally, I believe that Taylor Hanson is, and will probably always be, one of the most beautiful men I have ever laid my eyes on.


  1. Well said, friend.

    I nursed Thomas for four months before college classes made it impossible. But those four months gave him a jump-start in good health that other kids simply don't get.

    Once I had a client's dad tell me in a fury he walked through a blizzard with ONE TESTICLE. I smirked and said, "Funny, I've done it with none."

    Love your blogs. Keep it up.

  2. Sadie, this is like a better version of that Savage Garden song Affirmations :) (personally I prefer Reese's for breakfast, but M&Ms are certainly an adequate breakfast as well!)