Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Goals 2012 : Review

- lose 5 pounds. 
FAIL.  I lost three.  As I get lower, the lbs seem to be coming off slower, but I am noticing a change in inches.  Which is good.

- go to the gym 15 times.
WIN!  Went 15 times!  Would have been a couple more, but I was sick the beginning of this week, and pretty much slept the entire time I wasn't at work.

- lift weights. twice a week- minimum.
WIN!  Also except for this week, I only lifted once.

- go through clothes, again. give away, donate, or sell.
FAIL!  Didn't even attempt this.

Total and complete WIN!  Bought a 2003 Mazda Protege 5.  I am IN LOVE with it.  It suits me.

- finish one of the books I've started.
WIN!  I finished  Skylight Confessions, and I'm nearly done with The Tenth Circle.

- one night a week, no television.
WIN!  This was something we didn't even consciously do, but Aiden had diving lessons twice a week, and that helped.

- take myself to a movie, eat a big bowl of buttery popcorn.
FAIL!  I was going to go to The Hunger Games, but haven't gotten around to it, yet.  Tancy and I are going on Monday.

- START a new art project.
I'm not going to give this a win or fail.  I didn't do anything on canvas, or paper, but I did a LOT of cooking. 

- sing. loudly. unabashedly. proudly.
WIN!  New car and sterio system that bumps, not to mention the boyfriend's late V-day present was a Griffin iPod adapter for the radio.  I sang a lot of chick music.

- call my sister more often.
FAIL!  I'm a terrible big sister.

- cook at least one new meal a week.
WIN!  I made pizza puffs, drunken noodles, overnight blueberry french toast, sticky buns, pepperoni rollups, and a reese's peanut butter cup pie.

- write. about anything. about everything.
I wrote a lot of things in my head, though didn't get a chance to get them down on the computer, or paper.  I may post something else tonight, though.

- FINISH couch to 5k. continue running.
Week 6 and 7 proved more difficult than I had anticipated, so I did them both twice, have one more week to go.

- buy a full length mirror.
FAIL!  Gah!  I sucked this month.  Next trip to Wal-mart (and I went probably twice a week all month long...) and I WILL buy one!

- keep calm, love myself and others unconditionally. smile more. question motives less. LIVE.
Week by week, day by day, situation by situation.  I have my good days, and I have my bad.  I have managed to remain calm and not act like a 14 year old girl in most situations, I have loved more than I have not, I have smiled more than I have frowned, and I have accepted things as they have come, good and bad. 

Hi, my name is Sadie, and I'm GROWING ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Illuminate the "NO" on the vacancy sign.

I feel as though I have been running for the last few weeks.  I feel like I haven't really had the chance to stop and breathe.  Don't get me wrong, I love being busy.  I love having something to do, somewhere to go, someone to see.  It's jut hard to do some of the writing I've wanted to do.  Especially when I have so much to say.

So I'm going to do a condensed "this is where I have been since my last post" entry.  Try to keep up.

The 3rd of March marked the one year anniversary since Aiden has seen his father.  I have written letters and emails and text messages to him that I have never sent, that I will never send.  I am not a violent person, but that man makes me want to break his face.

D and I took a weekend trip to Ft. Collins, Colorado the first of the month.  We went with no plans other than the hotel we were staying at, and the thought of sleeping in.  We bar hopped, partook in the local beer, ate at some wonderfully unique restaurants, and spent Saturday afternoon driving up into the mountains.  It was beautiful, and Ft. Collins is definitely a wonderful place. I would love to go back, do some outdoorsy stuff, climb and look at the stars.  We managed to sleep in until 8:30 our second day there.

I bought a car.  After getting back from our little trip I had taken a day off work, and finally made myself go out and look.  I found this wonderful little Mazda Protege 5.  It's cherry red, and totally me.  It's a 5 speed, and so much fun to drive.  I have already promised Aiden that it will be his in 8 years if it's still running.

Aiden took two weeks of diving (yes, like swimming) lessons.  He worked more on his approach and form than anything, but I have decided that this summer we are going to spend less time on the outdoor sports, and we're going to concentrate on his swimming.  He's not the most graceful thing outside of the water, but he is a fish when he's in it.  There is so much potential there, not to mention he loves it.

My sister came into town with her fiance J.  We all went out for St. Patrick's Day.  Tancy, Mike and I made T-shirts that said "Happy St. Patrick Swayze Day"  with a picture of Patrick Swayze on the front. Hilarity.  We all drank too much, but had so much fun.  The day after is always a rough one, but after a big breakfast with my family and some water, I was all good.

Things are good.  Things are REALLY good.  Other than the pimple on my chin, and the fact that the weight loss has been slower this month than I'd like, I am really enjoying my life.  If I can manage to lose two more pounds before the end of the month, expect some before and after photos of yours truly. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Goals 2012

- lose 5 pounds.  This will put me under my pre-pregnancy weight and I will then post before and after photos.

- go to the gym 15 times.

- lift weights.  twice a week- minimum.

- go through clothes, again.  give away, donate, or sell.


- finish one of the books I've started.

- one night a week, no television.

- take myself to a movie, eat a big bowl of buttery popcorn.

- START a new art project.

- sing.  loudly.  unabashedly.  proudly.

- call my sister more often.

- cook one new meal a week.  (I need to start cooking again.  I've been living on salads, sandwiches, and soups for weeks.)

- write.  about anything.  about everything.

- FINISH couch to 5k.  continue running.

- buy a full length mirror.

- keep calm, love myself and others unconditionally.  smile more.  question motives less.  LIVE.