Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day One

I have decided to take this blog in a new direction. I left up my first two posts, because they seemed to be more of what I was hoping this place would be. A place for me to talk, without shame of having others read it. So, I'm starting over.

I am not an author, but I have been told that I am able to paint a very nice picture with the things I have to say. There is no better way to get better at writing, than practice.

I started the 30-day challenge back at my private journal, and only made it up to about day 15. I am going to try it again, writing about different experiences along the way.

Day 01 - Introduce yourself

Hi. My name is Sadie. I'm currently 27 years old, and I live in a small town in the middle of Nebraska. I am a Supply Chain Tech at the hospital, which basically means I order, and put away, and maintain inventories on my specified floors. There are a lot of other aspects to my job, but that is the most basic of explanations.

I am a single mother to a very energetic little 7 year old boy. His name is Aiden, and I will speak of him often, sometimes fondly, sometimes I'm sure not quite so much. Aiden was born with bilateral clubfoot, which basically means that his achilles tendon was too short and not attached to his bones properly causing his foot to be malformed. He went through serial casting until the age of 1, has had three surgeries with another possible one sometime next winter, and it has NEVER slowed him down. A lot of this has been attributed to me not letting it slow him down. He was army crawling before most kids were regular crawling. He also has incredible upper body strength and control. He is truly the light of my life.

I am the oldest in a family of two girls. My sister is 24 and has accomplished more in her life than I could ever hope of doing. I am so proud of her I could burst. She is my best friend. My immediate family and I are very close. Both of my parents alive and happily married. They are each other's best friends, which is how it should be. They are my solid rocks, and my shoulders. I love them. I only hope that I am able to pass this love of family onto my son, though I think I already have.

I love to read, and to write. I am a movie and television addict, and there are not enough hours in my day to fill with the lives of other people. I have started cooking recently, as well. I have found my love for cooking soups and basic comfort food dishes. Also, not to brag, but I'm pretty good with desserts, too. My favorite color is blue, cobalt preferably.

I have an extended family of my friends, who are the most devoted and supportive people I have ever had the honor of meeting. I have been told that I am a fierce friend, and in expecting nothing but that, I have managed to surround myself with these fabulous people who only add life and color to my world. I don't know what I would do without any of them.

I have taken classes at the university here in town, but never graduated. There are so many things that I would like to do, that I've never been able to narrow it down. College is expensive.

I am trying to better myself through my overall health, and also my mental stability. I am trying to take time for myself, making time for my son, and not accepting anything to be mediocre. I don't need a fairy tale, but I do deserve better than a frog prince.

I like Bud Light, Coke Zero, and Cinnamon Schnapps (not together.) I also love steak with baked potatoes, and good soup. I cry at movies and television easily. I have a tough skin, but a soft heart. I am extremely liberal.

I still talk to friends online that I met back in 1997 when I first got the internet. Some I have met in person, some I have not. Some I talk to on the phone, some of them I'm not even sure what they look like.

So, I would love it if you were able to join me in my journey of betterment through words. Stick around, and I might surprise you.


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  1. We "met" via the interwebz! haha and I used to keep Aiden's school pictures on my fridge aww