Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year - plans for the new me 2017

Over the last four years, I have managed to pick my life back up, dust it off, and find a very happy-ish place in the universe.  I have changed jobs twice after getting a new one in January 2013, and where I ended up is where I am planning to remain for a long time.  I have gone back to, and am nearly done with school, and even though it feels so far away, and so much in front of me to still do before I am done, I am SO CLOSE.

In the last four years, I have also managed to lose a little bit of myself that I was very proud of, and that was the active and healthy life I had been leading prior to my world falling apart.

So, here we go, back to making goals and lists, back to taking it one step at a time.

Goals - 2017

Read - 2 books a month.  Even if they're for school, even if they are YA and brainless.

Write - of course this blog, but I would also like to get in the habit of writing prose again.  I have so many stories to tell.

Exercise - Three times a week at the gym, minimum, unless I'm being active outside.  I am NOT too fat to go to the gym, and I need to stop telling myself this.  Ideally, I would like to do an hour of cardio three times a week, and two days of lifting.  I just want to set my goal as something I can grown on.

Eat better - Stay away from soda, cook more meals at home, pay more attention to what I am putting into my body and in what proportions.  I know what I need to do, I just need to do it.

Lose weight - I am setting the bar low, 50 pounds.  This is a little under a pound a week, allows for weeks where I totally screw up and feel sorry for myself.  This is achievable, and in the healthy way.

Graduate College - I'm putting this here, because I'm scared that at the last minute, I am going to give up and walk away like I seem to do everything else.  I have two more classes.  TWO.  I need to do this.

Buy a home - being approved to do my sweat equity hours in order for approval for a Habitat for Humanity house is one of the biggest things to ever happen to me.  The hope is that by this time next year, Aiden and I will be in our new house, having completed 400 hours toward it, and it will be mine.

Become more active in local political activities - I am going to be so busy this year that I will barely be able to see straight, but I do want to become more active in the things that matter to me.

Continue and grow the breastfeeding support group - the best thing I have done over the last year, by far, is starting a local breastfeeding support group.  It doesn't earn me any money, it takes a big chunk of my time both online and off, but it has been something that motivates me to keep going.  I would like to see that grow.

These are the big ones.  Tomorrow, I will try to get January's goals typed up.  I would like each month to be more specified on what exactly I would like to accomplish, and how I'm working toward these larger goals, with some smaller self improvement things thrown in as well.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and peaceful New Year!


Saturday, September 3, 2016

He claims to be a sociopath, like it's some sort of badge of honor.  He's not.  What he is is a narcissist.  I fall into the trap nearly every time.  I will think things are fine, that he's gone, and then BAM, I will fall right into the hole again.  I should learn not to bite the bait that is set out for me.  I've done this before, I've been here before, and not only with him.

So tonight he stumbles across my twitter posts about him that I made almost 6 months ago during my Facebook sabbatical.  Tweets that helped me work through the demons in my head.  Posts that never mentioned him by name, or tagged him.  He knew they were about him, how could he not?  He did those hurtful things.  Tonight I am the bitch, the thick-skulled pain in the ass, the libtard.  Because calling me names is the only thing he can think to do to build himself back up.  

Then he threatened to ruin my life if I ever did it again.  I pointed out that... HELLO... someone had already done that, and it was my uncle.  He was more than welcome to try, but that I have very few skeletons in my closets, and those that are there don't matter anymore.  I told him that slashing two of my tires would really suck, since I only have one donut.  He didn't think that was funny.

I am just exhausted.  I don't want to do this anymore.  I can only block him so many places under so many different names.

This has completely wrecked  me.  He has completely wrecked me.  I am over it, really I am.  I am over him, I would never in a million years want him back.  What I am not over is the pain, the feeling of not being worthy, of doing something wrong, of being the one at fault.  These are not uncommon emotions for individuals who have been cheated on.  I have to keep reminding myself that him cheating doesn't say anything about what I am lacking, but rather what he is lacking.  

I meet someone, and I hold back, I can't let myself go.  I can't let myself want to.  I do not want to go through this again.  All of that wasted time.  Being alone and occasionally lonely is ten million times better than ever having to feel this way again.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

And I don't need the fallout of all the past that's in between us

I feel like I have been writing this entry for ages, for months, for years.  I'm not sure if I started writing it in my before, or my after.  I never wrote an entry here while we were together.  I was sure that once I put it into writing for public consumption that it would make it less real, that it would make him leave, just like all of the others before him. Well, I didn't write about him, and he still left.  The hardest thing about it, though, is knowing that I should have been the one to leave, and I should have done it months before it actually happened.

But I loved him, and because of that I once again overlooked the things I tell my friends to NEVER overlook.  I let things slide that the real me would never let slide.  I was silent when I should have been screaming.  Looking back on that and I get so angry with myself.  I knew it would happen, and I could have been in control, but instead I chose to sit back and do nothing, to continue to ignore what I knew, and to be a doormat.

It was two weeks shy of a year together.  It was ten days before Christmas.  It could NOT have come at a worse time.  Christmas day was okay, it was Christmas Eve that tore me up inside.  I spent a good portion of it crying into my pillow in my sister's old bedroom while Aiden and I were at my parent's house for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  The original plan was for him, Aiden, and I to have a Christmas on our own.  My first one ever without my parents.

I am not going to spell out all of the ways I was wronged.  I am not going to tell all of his dirty little secrets, or share all of his lies.

I am pretty much over it, to the extent that someone is able to be over someone.  Time does heal the wounds, but it doesn't let me forget them.  At this point I don't even know to what extent I was lied to, and that is what made moving on the hardest.  People grieve differently, that's what a class I took two years ago taught me.  I know that I heal best when I have all of the answers, when no questions are left, and I am no longer without a period at the end of the sentence.

There are two things I value more in this world than anything else; The first is loyalty, the second is honesty.  If you are these two things, we will get along well.  Something I have told Aiden on numerous occasions is that I cannot stand liars.  If I am asking you a question, chances are, I already know the answer.  The truth I don't mind, even if it hurts, it's the lie that hurts so much more.  Why do more people not understand this?

I know that right now I am not an entirely whole person, but I am working on it.  I am trying every single day to get out of bed, to make myself back into the me I was before.  Not the me I was after, because the two do not even resemble each other.

I have cut so much out of my life in the last couple of years, that cutting someone I cared that deeply for out of my life drilled a hole into me that I don't know if it will ever be completely healed over.  I don't know that I am capable of letting myself go like that again.  I don't know that I will ever trust anyone again.

I know I've said that before, and I know I say that after every heartbreaking attempt, but right now I
just feel a coldness within me.

"And I'm not holding on, and all your lies weren't enough to keep me here..."

Sunday, October 5, 2014


I am no longer a first time swimming parent.  We are seasoned pros at this.  Old hat for us.  Remembering to bring a lawn chair, rule #1.  #winning

Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

We are all going to be OK

The best of friends are the ones who show up at 8pm when you lock your keys in your car.  Who offer you their beer and cigarettes and a nice warm blanket just so you can sit on their lazy boy chair in silence watching old episodes of the walking dead.
And sometimes,  that is all you really need.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

You never seem to run out of things to say

There are angels all around us. Real life,  tangible angels. You don't know who they are until they text you randomly in the afternoon,  show up late with a bottle of wine,  and leave $40 on your counter even when you protest. They are the ones you never see coming,  never would have expected to be someone to help fix you,  even if just a little bit. People need people.

And all I can say is thank you. For the wine,  for the conversation, for the money that is graciously accepted,  yet completely unnecessary.

It is amazing the things you can have in common with someone you never really gave a thought of other than in passing. Knowing and being told that what you have to say, matters. Even if to no one else, to them.