Monday, February 28, 2011

Suwanee : Day Twenty-One

Day 21 – Another moment

This last weekend, my parents invited me out to dinner at the local Tai restaurant.  I have never eaten Tai food before, but I knew that my friend Mike (who I'm sure will not mind me using his very generic first name) LOVES this place, so I brought him along.

My parents (as well as pretty much anyone who has ever eaten there) have been ranting and raving over what a good place this is.  We ordered spring rolls.  We got a sweet peanut sauce to dip them in, but also some soy sauce, a jalapeno vinegar, and a red hot sauce.  The hot sauce my mother keeps stock in at her house, and on the front of the bottle is a rooster.

Mike, with as much class as he is able to muster, asks my mother to "pass the Cock *quietly* sauce."


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