Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vegas in bullet points and photos...

We rode in a limo after arriving from the airport, went to the hotel, and got changed and ready to go out.  We walked down the strip before catching a city bus.  On the bus, several of the girls kept yelling "YOU MADE IT!" and the bus lady threatened to "physically remove" us from the bus.  We quieted down.

We ended up on Fremont street, and this is the drink that did us all in.  "What drink is the most potent?!  DOUBLE IT!"  Played some slots, walked around, sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the middle of the street with a group of complete strangers.  Ended up at a strip club and flirted with several strippers, almost had a lap dance, but one of the girls started throwing up.
We split up, half of us taking care of the drunk one in the group.  I danced with a homeless man who then pulled out a cell phone and asked for my phone number, which I politely declined.  Finished our drinks, and caught the bus back to the hotel.  Puked in the bathroom and passed out around 4:30a.m. Vegas time.  (6:30a.m. my normal time.)
Woke up early the next morning, to a hangover from hell.  Drank some water, threw it up, slept for another two hours.  Got up, had a soda and greasy pizza and was all better!  Layed in the sun at the adult pool for about an hour.

Walked the strip.  Bought some fun makeup.  Laughed.

Got back to the room around 3:30 and proceeded to get ready for the evening, which for Aubrey and I was The Beatles LOVE Circue Du Soleil.
 We sat at the rEVOLution lounge and had $15 vodka redbulls.  Then headed to the theater to see the show!
The show was AMAZING.  breathtaking.  I couldn't wrap my mind around how awesome it was.  There is so much to look at that you could go to it 100 time and see a different show each time.  I laughed, I cried TWICE, and it was totally worth the money.

After the show we met up with the other girls, and headed in the opposite direction down the strip.  Saw the Bellagio fountain show, Several gorgeous casinos, and ended up at New York New York.  It was midnight.  We ate at an authentic Italian restaurant, and then were VIPed into the club ROK.  As clubs go, I'm sure they're all pretty similar.  They wanted single girls, to dance with all of the single guys.  This place was dirtier than the stripclub had been!
Aubrey and I went back to the hotel earlier than the other girls, at around 2.  We pretty much changed, and slept.  Woke up around 8 the next morning for breakfast, then pool time!

This was the view from our "spot" at the pool.  After a few hours, we decided to venture back out on the strip, and head to the wax museum.  Where I happened to meet...
Johnny Depp!  Also, a lot of other celebrities, living and dead.  I was actually very well behaved while in Mr. Depp's presence, my sister, however, was not.  She checked to see if all "parts" were intact.  (FYI, they're NOT.)  *shoot*!
I also met, and got to hang out with Gaga.

Later that afternoon we decided to walk down the the M&M store.  on the way, a BIRD flew up and perched on my shoulder.  Now, I feel the need to point out that I wasn't standing still, but WALKING in a CROWD of people, and the bird flew up and chose ME to perch on.  I am TERRIFIED of birds.  I thought at first it was a huge bug, and I shouted "GET IT OFF ME!" and then I turned to look at my shoulder (I could feel its little claws on my sunburn) and it was a BIRD, STARING AT ME!  Then it flew off, and I  managed to calm myself down, while all of the girls laughed hysterically at me, and I managed to freak out several other tourists.

The last night there, we kept things pretty calm, ate at a Sushi restaurant (which I believe is why I ended up having extremely swollen legs Monday and Tuesday... MSG and an allergic reaction to something), and then hung out across the street at Caesar's Palace.

We packed, and I flew home the next morning.

Vegas, I will be back!


  1. sounds like you had so much fun! I have to tell you that I TOO danced with a homeless man, who asked me to marry him - TWICE :-)