Friday, March 25, 2011

It seems like years since its been here : Day Twenty-eight

Day 28 – Something that you miss

It's the tail end of winter here in Nebraska.  Even though it's officially spring, we woke up this morning with snow on the grass and our car windows.  We've had a few very nice days here or there, but they are overshadowed by all of the wind, the cold bursts, and the lack of sunshine.

I miss the sun.  I think I miss it more acutely now because there have been a couple of days I've been able to go out without a jacket and feel the sun.  I know that just around the corner I'm going to be laying in the grass in my swimming suit, soaking up the vitamin D. 

My skin will turn that golden layer of brown, my hair will lighten, I will sleep infinitely better at night.  I will smile more, and spend more time breathing in the fresh air outside.  I will swim at the pool, and hike at the park, and lay on a blanket while Aiden runs through the sprinkler. 

I will look forward to walking into the ice cold air of a superstore on the hottest days of the year, sipping iced tea, reading books out on my patio with an ice-cold beer in my lawn chair.

I wont miss the bugs, and the allergies, and the smell of cow manure wafting through the air.  But around this time each year, I ALWAYS miss the sun.

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