Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Goals 2011

May 2011

- go to the gym 12 times.  This is down 3 times from last month, simply because my family is taking a long vacation at the end of the month, and I'm going to have to cram those 12 workouts into 20 days.  This is doable, but will essentially be a challenge.

- do Jillian Michael's 30 day shred once a week.  Enough excuses on this one.  I'm DOING it.

- lose 5 pounds.  This will be the five pounds I was supposed to lose last month, but instead decided to eat like crap and drink like a fish.  Just over a pound a week.

- drink less soda.  I've really cut back on my pop consumption in the last month or so, and completely unintentionally.  I ran out one day and haven't bought any since.  Not for home, anyway.  I'd like to continue to do less than a soda a week.

- meditate for 5 minutes, three times a week.  And I use the term meditate loosely because I don't know if what I do constitutes as such, but it makes me feel better, and it really helps me get my thoughts into order.

- spend more time outside.  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL.  I get done work work and the gym and all I seem to want to do is curl up on the couch.  This must end.

- attempt not to cling so tightly to people who I am either
A. just getting to know
B. have been in my life for such a long time that they're not going ANYWHERE no matter how hard I push them.  Change is hard for me, and I start questioning anything and everything around me when it's completely beyond my control.

- start and finish one book.

- deep clean and de-clutter the kitchen.  I'm tired of the hoarding, it needs to stop.  Compulsive cleaning and getting rid of the crap we don't need is high on my to-do list for the summer.

- try REALLY hard not to kill the beautiful flowers Aiden picked out and planted for me for my birthday.

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