Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Goals - Review

June 2011

- go the gym 15 times. 
WIN!  Exactly fifteen.  I could have gone four more days than that easily, but I instead chose to go to the pool in the afternoons with my friends, and my son.

- lose 5 lbs.
Tentative WIN!  Stepping on the scale first thing this morning and it was exactly five pounds down.  Now the trouble is making sure it stays that way in the next few days.

- start and finish one book.
WIN!  Started and finished TWO.  The Hunger Games and Innocent Blood.  Loved the former, the latter made me depressed and was more of a war book than I can usually get into.  Started Catching Fire this evening.

- work on my tan.
WIN!  I managed to do this one without even really trying.  Between working out at the gym, my friend Linda and I have been religiously walking two to three miles on the track right next to my apartment complex three times a week.  I've also been swimming, and Aiden has had soccer one night a week for an hour.  I am brown.  My mother compliments me on it every time I see her. :)

- worry about ME.
Still working on this one.  The last week has been extremely trying emotionally, and I find myself worrying more about someone else's feelings and emotions than my own.  I am worth so much more than I ever give myself credit for.

- use more lotion.
This goal makes me giggle.  WIN!  I bought some really awesome smelling stuff from Bath and Body Works, and I've been using it after every bath and shower.  FAIL! at keeping up with it on Aiden.  Busyness and my own laziness are to blame on that one.

- do Jillian Michael's 30 day shred once a week.
FAIL!  Did it three times though.  Had an offer to partner up with someone and try P90X, but I think that may have fallen through, and I'm not willing to spend my money on it.

- call some old friends and tell them how much I miss them.
WIN!  I did text some of my closest long distance friends.  I met up with a bunch of old friends at my 10 year class reunion, and I have plans to meet up with an old friend who is currently living in San Francisco who I haven't seen since the Christmas Aiden was one.

- start planning for a late summer trip. 
FAIL!  What I want to do?  I want to go see Clare for a long weekend.  Run up mountains, take her out for coffee and dinner and watch silly movies and play with Aiden.  The reality of it is this, I'm paying more for daycare in the summer than I am for rent.  My rent has gone up.  I am now making payments to a student loan.  I don't have a reliable vehicle, so I would either have to borrow one, or rent one.  I don't have much time off saved since my 9 day Florida vacation.  I WANT.  But I think it's going to have to wait.  :(

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  1. We can do early or late fall! After I go to Michigan this month I won't have any vacation time and I would hate to be working while you're here. Waiting on this trip is okay. <3