Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August goals 2012

- lose 5 lbs

- go to the gym 15 times.

- continue to build on my running.

- start and finish a new book of my own.

- start and finish a new book with Aiden.

- continue to eat cleaner.

- work on weights and resistance training.


- make and keep a phone date with Clare. :)

- write.

- welcome more love into my world.

- lotion.  it is important.

- write the letter I've been meaning to write.  put it in the sink.  burn it.

- make it through my sister's bachelorette party without anyone puking or passing out, especially me.

- cook one new thing a week.

- take photos.  post photos.  show my life through photos.

- breathe in the last little bit of summer, enjoy it, savor it, then

1 comment:

  1. The keeping the phone date with Clare one is Clare's fault. She will take care of this goal for you.