Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Goals 2012 : Review

- lose 5 pounds. 
FAIL.  I lost three.  As I get lower, the lbs seem to be coming off slower, but I am noticing a change in inches.  Which is good.

- go to the gym 15 times.
WIN!  Went 15 times!  Would have been a couple more, but I was sick the beginning of this week, and pretty much slept the entire time I wasn't at work.

- lift weights. twice a week- minimum.
WIN!  Also except for this week, I only lifted once.

- go through clothes, again. give away, donate, or sell.
FAIL!  Didn't even attempt this.

Total and complete WIN!  Bought a 2003 Mazda Protege 5.  I am IN LOVE with it.  It suits me.

- finish one of the books I've started.
WIN!  I finished  Skylight Confessions, and I'm nearly done with The Tenth Circle.

- one night a week, no television.
WIN!  This was something we didn't even consciously do, but Aiden had diving lessons twice a week, and that helped.

- take myself to a movie, eat a big bowl of buttery popcorn.
FAIL!  I was going to go to The Hunger Games, but haven't gotten around to it, yet.  Tancy and I are going on Monday.

- START a new art project.
I'm not going to give this a win or fail.  I didn't do anything on canvas, or paper, but I did a LOT of cooking. 

- sing. loudly. unabashedly. proudly.
WIN!  New car and sterio system that bumps, not to mention the boyfriend's late V-day present was a Griffin iPod adapter for the radio.  I sang a lot of chick music.

- call my sister more often.
FAIL!  I'm a terrible big sister.

- cook at least one new meal a week.
WIN!  I made pizza puffs, drunken noodles, overnight blueberry french toast, sticky buns, pepperoni rollups, and a reese's peanut butter cup pie.

- write. about anything. about everything.
I wrote a lot of things in my head, though didn't get a chance to get them down on the computer, or paper.  I may post something else tonight, though.

- FINISH couch to 5k. continue running.
Week 6 and 7 proved more difficult than I had anticipated, so I did them both twice, have one more week to go.

- buy a full length mirror.
FAIL!  Gah!  I sucked this month.  Next trip to Wal-mart (and I went probably twice a week all month long...) and I WILL buy one!

- keep calm, love myself and others unconditionally. smile more. question motives less. LIVE.
Week by week, day by day, situation by situation.  I have my good days, and I have my bad.  I have managed to remain calm and not act like a 14 year old girl in most situations, I have loved more than I have not, I have smiled more than I have frowned, and I have accepted things as they have come, good and bad. 

Hi, my name is Sadie, and I'm GROWING ;)

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