Monday, February 6, 2012

I missed (poetry)

I missed this
and that
of you.

I missed the obvious
like your eyes and your

Your smile.

I missed your breathing.
The ways you inhaled
and exhaled
when you were excited.

Or falling asleep with your arms around me.

Or turned on. 

All of them different
only slightly
but all of them yours
and wonderful.

It was music to my ears
the in and out
of you.

I missed the stubble on your
face after a day of no shaving.

I missed
you pulling away my hair
to kiss the nape of my neck
with the scratch and the
of lips. 

I missed you smelling my hair.

I missed your hands
so much bigger than mine
the comfort of your

The definition of muscle
under skin
in you.

I missed your early
morning sleepy eyes.

The sound of you in the shower
lulling me back into dreams.

It wasn't until
I was able to let you go,
that you
came back.

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