Monday, September 29, 2014

Open your eyes

I don't dream often. I never really have,  at least not the type of dreams you remember.   Sure,  there are the falling asleep, started awake dreams. The are biological and your body's way of keeping you from acting out your dreams.  Completely NORMAL.  Another is pregnancy dreams.  Those mother fuckers can get weird and have no basis behind them.  None.  Yet,  are still completely normal. I'll occasionally have a wet dream, which I really wish would happen more often, but they go hand in hand with pregnancy dreams,  and are rare.  Dammit.
I am talking about those kind of dreams that startle you awake tear soaked because the person you thought you cared about has left.  Or said awful things to you, in person,  or the dream. Things that cannot be unsaid or forgotten. Things that deep down in some way you know are true about yourself. The most you can do is try to wipe the tears away,  and go back  to sleep. A sleep that comes awkwardly at best.  I haven't had dreams like that since D. Never expected to have them about Chris.

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